About us


Prithwish Ganguli worked in the editorial board of Eastern Criminal Notes and Calcutta High Court Notes and also took active role in the Digest published by the publisher of the two journals. He loved both the journals like his children but due to unknown reasons he was ousted from both the journals.
But Prithwish Ganguli owed a lot to the publisher of both the journals as he learned a lot while working for the journals and his passion for journal grew during that age. He felt the need of taking aid of technology for the law journals and he thought that no journal can be of use avoiding the technology and since then he nourished his will for a Law Journal with the aid of latest technology so that readers can use it comfortably to search out his exact requirement.
After years all the present similar minded members of the Editorial Board met who all were interested in doing something new for the profession and they with the aim of Advancement of Legal Knowledge formed Updated Law Society and published Law Updates.

How we work:

The entire team under the guidance of the senior members of the team is engaged in the research of different case laws to find out the law points involved and the different observation of the Court and the head note or digest notes are nothing but the gathering of the outcome of the extensive research work.

The Unique:

Among the thousands, Law Updates aimed to design the search facility in a manner so that the user can reach to his requirement quickly. The unique algorithm of the search engine and its continuous up gradation with the development of the technology made it very easy for the users. Continuously updating of database and up-gradation of the search algorithm is the most important feature of the entire system which can felt by the users while using.

Owned By:

The entire project and the website including the head notes and/or digest notes and other editorial parts are owned and managed by a Non-Profitable Organization, Updated Law Society and the Law Updates is aimed to reach the Lawyers and Legal Researchers without any profit making intention in mind.
A nominal is charged which is being used towards maintenance and up gradation of the website and database

Our Motto:

The entire members of the Editorial board are striving their best to accumulate the law making decisions of the Supreme Court, different High Courts and others in a systematic manner so that user may use and find it very easily when need it.
Being a part of Non-Profitable organization, a very nominal charge has been requested which amount is entirely used for the maintenance and up-gradation of the system.
Updated Law Society has various other products also for the Lawyers and Professionals which are offered at a very nominal cost compared to the market leaders. Our website is absolutely for academic purpose and not for any other purpose. We shall be glad if our website helps the users to enrich their legal knowledge.

Unique features:

  • • Compilation of law making and landmark case laws
  • • Coverage of Supreme Court, High Courts, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum and State Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums
  • • Unique head notes/ digest notes covering minutes details of the case
  • • Daily updates of database
  • • Minute analysis of every case law and all the relevant observations are extracted to create the head notes
  • • Different options for search
  • • Equivalent citation where available
  • • Case law in original PDF obtained from concerned Court wherever available
  • • Powerful search engine to produce pin pointed result

Permission to publish Court Cases:

The Section 52(1)(q)(iv) of the Copyright Act states that publication of court judgments does not constitute an infringement of Copyright. So we need to permission to publish Judgements of Court Cases. We also do not claim any copy over the original text judgement but the rests portion i.e. the head note and/or digest is the outcome of our editorial skill and the same is copy right protected.